General Wishlist

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This Wish List is for general items which are used day to day at LCTW. If you are interested in donating more specialised items for our Wildlife Hospital, please see our other Wish List here.
You can bring items to LCTW directly or ship them from overseas, please email us for the best mailing address on [email protected]

Our General Wish List is split into 4 sections and is an example list of the items we use here on a regular basis, tailored towards items which are easier to transport to us here and even items you might have around your home which are no longer needed. As a non-profit wildlife centre, we are always welcome donations of items to help with the day to day running of our centre.

As this is an example list, this is not everything we need, we welcome different items which may be useful to us here. If you would like to donate items which are not on this list, please do contact us.

Making enrichment items for the animals, using donated materials

You can help us here in so many ways! Such as with daily animal care, ensuring we keep our wildlife stimulated with enrichment, helping us build new world class facilities for our wildlife, or even giving our amazing, hard-working volunteers a well-earned rest in the evening, with a nice book or game.

Daily animal care

  • Specialised dietary food and supplements for varying species
  • Bike locks and padlocks of varying sizes
  • Gauntlets/any animal handling equipment
  • Dog, Cat or Human (For Primates) baby bottle rearing sets
  • Heat supplies – water bottles, heat mats and microwaveable heat pads
  • Cleaning supplies of all kinds


  • Strong, large dog toys such as Kongs or Boomer
  • Perfumes, dried cooking herbs and essential oils
  • Blowing bubbles, manual or machine


  • General construction consumables – i.e. nails, screws
  • Rust-proof tools – i.e. hammers, saws, screwdrivers, pliers, measuring tapes
  • Power tools of any kind
  • Work gloves, dust masks and other PPE
  • Carabiners/Quick Links of varying sizes
  • Old clothes for use when painting


  • Books
  • DVDs, CDs
  • Board games
  • Other entertainment