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Volunteer Opportunities for Local Residents

Are you a person residing in Laos and wanting to donate your time and passion to wildlife conservation?  Take a look below at our local volunteer program areas and we hope to see you at LCTW!

Conservation and Wildlife Ambassadors are the face of the organization through their interaction with guests on tours and education events. Ambassadors must enjoy interacting with people, sharing knowledge, and inspiring the next generation of conservationists. Ambassadors engage with guests by offering assistance and information, facilitating extraordinary tour experiences, and helping at special events. This program is reserved for 17 and up volunteers. 

Husbandry and Enrichment Volunteers spend the day helping our animal keeper teams provide exceptional care to our animal residents. This includes providing clean and safe enclosures for the animals as well as preparing and building enrichment to ensure mentally healthy animals. Husbandry volunteers can expect to learn the day-to-day care of animals from diet preparation to observing animal behavior. These volunteers must be physically fit and able to bend, lift, and spend their time outdoors. Open to under 17 years old, as long as they are accompanied by an adult family member.

Horticulture and Groundskeeping Volunteers love being outdoors and enhancing nature’s beauty while being surrounded by our animal residents. Volunteers will get the chance to work with a team focused on maintaining and improving the grounds of our center through regular maintenance and gardening. These volunteers will not be required to interact with the public.  Open to under 17 years old, as long as they are accompanied by an adult family member. 


Local volunteers can contribute much to LCTW. In order to ensure local volunteers are able to do this and remember their training and tasks, we require a commitment of at least six (6) months and a minimum of eight (8) hours per month to the Center. Your volunteering hours can be broken into multiple shifts or be a single full day of volunteering at the Center.  

Adult Volunteers:  Adult volunteers ages 17 years or older.

Family Teams:  One-on-one teams of a parent/guardian and child (ages 10-16), or person who requires support.

Special Events: Any Volunteer can sign up for Special Events. You can also encourage friends and family to volunteer with you (based on specific event needs and age requirements).  

Contact us for more information or apply now