Wildlife Hospital & Team

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Our Team

The LCTW employs a full time Veterinary team to look after the health of nearly 600 animals from both the rescue centre, as well as the population of animals in the Lao Zoo. Our Vet team is the first port of call for any rescued wildlife, they are assessed and given basic vaccinations and any necessary treatment. They are then monitored in our quarantine facilities to ensure they are carrying no harmful diseases which could infect other animals.

Once the quarantine period is passed, there are two options for our teams to consider. If deemed suitable, they will be entered into our Rescue, Rehabilitate and Release programme.

If they are unsuitable for this by our trained team, whether it’s on mental or physical grounds, we slowly integrate them into a suitable enclosure, with suitable social groupings in our Wildlife Sanctuary. To which we will give them lifelong refuge.

Our Hospital

The Wildlife Hospital at LCTW is the first of its kind in Laos and is equipped to treat sick and injured wildlife, whilst giving care to our animals in the Wildlife Sanctuary, rehabilitation programmes and improving the health of the animals at Lao Zoo. Medical equipment and procedures are constantly evolving and our Hospital needs to be kept up to date to provide the best possible care, whilst keeping up with the quantity and variety of wildlife we treat.

Our Wildlife Hospital always needs to be prepared and stocked, as we can receive a call about a rescue or have an animal brought to our door at any time of day or night. You can help us do this by visiting our Support Us tab or email us about any items can sponsor us for in our Hospital.