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There is no better return on investment than an investment in people. We believe people passionate, educated, and knowledgeable about conservation hold the keys for a future of balanced conservation and preservation of the environment.  Thus, a key goal of our organization is to empower local residents, community members, stakeholders, and our staff in capacity and skill building for wildlife conservation in Laos.

This includes supporting educational initiatives such as field skills training for conservationists, working with the Lao government in an advisory capacity to grow and expand local skills in conservation, and raise awareness of conservation through public access education at our site.

Our largest capacity building project is here at our site. We have high standards at LCTW and are proud of our extensive training and skills sharing program for local staff. We provide training and retraining in EAZA and AZA standards for animal husbandry, leading to international knowledge transfer and improving job skills and long term employability.

We know training, knowledge sharing, and staff support is important to improving the long term capacity of the Lao conservation community, and we are proud of our role in building this!

Young conservationists practice their new field skills

Young conservationists practice their new field skills