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The Lao Conservation Trust for Wildlife has a branch in the United States!


Our U.S. branch plays a critical role in Lao conservation through:


  • Help educate the public about the plight of Lao wildlife, the illegal wildlife trade with a goal to elicit a positive behavior change
  • Educate students and organizations in the U.S. about Lao species and the role the illegal wildlife trade plays in their risk of extinction
  • Provide support for education projects such as immersive and educational animal habitats for non-releasable wildlife at our Lao branch

Animal rescue, rehabilitation and release

  • Provide support and database maintenance for the running of the Lao wildlife rescue hotline
  • Support rescue, rehabilitation and release efforts of Lao native wildlife from the illegal wildlife trade
  • Purchase critical animal rescue, banding and medical  equipment in the U.S. that is difficult to find in Laos
  • Partner with international and local wildlife conservation organizations to help protect Lao wildlife