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Book Your Tour of LCTW Today!

Whether you live here in Laos or are traveling through the country, LCTW is a great place to learn about conservation in Laos AND see wildlife.

Located only an hour and a half north of Vientiane, LCTW offers an experience that is unmatched by any other here in Laos.

You’ll have the opportunity to not only receive a guided tour around our wildlife sanctuary but also to visit our Natural History Museum, Illegal Wildlife Trade Education Center and buy locally crafted souvenirs for yourself and loved ones to support conservation in the country.

We are only available for a visit by booking a tour (any day of the week)! So contact us today by email, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger.

How do I get to LCTW?

There are a couple different options to get to our Center.

Book a taxi

You can book a taxi to drive you directly here, have them wait for you to have your tour, and then drive you back to Vientiane. We do not work with a particular company, but they are quite easy to find in Vientiane.

Book through a tour operator

Book a trip through a tour company such as Green Discovery, La Charme Hotel or Laos Mood Travel who can help setup your trip to visit us!

Take public transportation (2 Options)

Slow Option

From the Central Bus Station take the #29 bus to Southern Bus Station
When you arrive you will see silver vans in the back lot, on the right side. You should see LCTW logo on some of the vans and you can get in and they will bring you to our Center.
It should be noted that there can be many other stops on the way to LCTW. The ride can take anywhere from 1.5-3hrs.

Faster Option (For Risk Takers)

From Central Bus Station take bus #23 and get off at the last stop in Tha Ngon.
You then have to keep your eyes open for a minivan (usually silver) to drive by so you can flag them down. You should see a LCTW our sticker on their van as well (but not guaranteed). They will then take  you to the gates of LCTW.
If you plan to take public transport it will most likely take you a full day to do travel from VTE-LCTW-VTE so please plan accordingly. There are hotels available in the area so if you’d like to stay the night we can always make recommendations.

Choose an option below to do on your visit to LCTW!

Wildlife Center Tour

Learn about Laos wildlife and conservation efforts at LCTW with one of our staff members on a guided tour. 

Booking: at least 24 hours in advance by calling or messaging us on WhatsApp, Facebook, or emailing usPay upon arrival.
Duration: 1-1.5 hour guided tour of LCTW
Times: Any day of the week with prior booking, the latest start time for a tour will be 3:30 pm.

ASEAN and Chinese National: 100,000 LAK/person
Other National: 200,000 LAK/person
Children 3 and under Free

Wildlife Enrichment + Center Tour

Not only will you get to learn about all the animals at the Center with one of our staff members, but you’ll also have the chance to make an impact on our resident animals’ lives by making enrichment for them and then getting to watch the animals enjoying your enrichment items.

Booking: at least 24 hours in advance by calling or messaging us on WhatsApp, Facebook or emailing usPay upon arrival.
→ Duration: 2-3 hrs (1-1.5 hour tour of LCTW followed by 1-1.5 hours of making enrichment). The animals chosen for your enrichment tour will be decided by the staff at LCTW, but could include bears, gibbons, civets, or macaques!
Times: 10 am and 1 pm any day with booking

ASEAN + Chinese National: 600,000 LAK/person
Other Nationality: 800,000 LAK/person
Children 3 and under Free

For Enrichment Tours, please ensure your on-time arrival. For significantly late arrivals, we may not be able to accommodate your enrichment portion, as the needs and well-being of our animals are the priority.

*** The American Association of Zoos and Aquariums defines enrichment as ensuring that an animal’s behavioral and physical needs are met by providing opportunities for species-appropriate behaviors and choices. If you choose to go on an enrichment tour with us, you’ll help to make some of these opportunities for our animals by making puzzle feeders and providing novel smells or food items with the potential for many others.