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Adopt an Animal Today!

Why Adopt?

We need your help to support our 400 resident animals that live on-site and that doesn’t even include those that come and go through our rescue, rehab and release program!

Our Adopt an Animal program helps us bring in donations that are crucial to operate our Center and allows you to directly make a difference in our animals’ lives. All of this, plus you will receive personalized gifts that can help you learn about your adopted animal and allows you to hold a little piece of LCTW with you no matter where you are in the world .

Regardless of age, our Adopt an Animal program makes the perfect gift for your family and friends or even a perfect “Treat Yourself” gift for you! When you adopt one of our animals you are helping to improve their life here at LCTW. Your donation will help to support the purchase of food, enrichment, improve their habitat and help provide a livelihood for their keepers!

Simply choose what animal speaks to you or your loved ones heart, soul, vibe or entire mood and then choose from our Bronze, Silver or Gold Packages!

All the gifts you receive for your adoption will be sent electronically to the email address provided within 72 hours of your purchase. If you choose our Silver or Gold Packages your video call will be scheduled according to the most suitable time for both parties. Video calls may be subject to change if an emergency arises at the Center such as an important rescue, but we will always let you know and of course reschedule if necessary.

**Please include the name of the person you wish to appear on the certificate in the “Additional Information: Order Notes” section at the bottom of the checkout page.

Wondering why the animal you adopted is still on the website?

Your donation goes a long way to care for the animal you adopted, but we have to care for them their entire life, which for many species can be between 20-30 years! This means that the support for these animals must be continuous and we do not set a limit to how many “adopters” one animal can have. If you are interested in being the sole adopter for one of our animals please contact us for more information on how to make it possible.

Bronze Adopters

Jan Park

Evgeny Sharipov

Deborah Raarup

Sophia Oien

Annette Turner

Jessie Chew

Elly Sierafina Binte Muhammad Sulaiman

Soranzo Nguyen Lilian

Soranzo Nguyen Emma Lam Vien

Annie and Martin Galvin

Silver Adopters

Penny Khounta

Vivien Pannebakker

Tim Pannebakker

Maia Pannebakker

The Eggebeens

Mary List


Gold Adopters

Ton Ten Westenend